MK Power 50Ah batteries (Pair)

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MK Power batties are a industry leading battery manufacture covering a wide range of applications including mobility products.

Battery-powered mobility equipment provides users with additional freedom and independence. To perform to their full potential requires a top-quality battery as the fuel source, in choosing the right battery for your equipment can enhance performance and safety, simplify charging and maintenance and, in the long-run, save you time, money and peace of mind.

This is the simple reason why MK Battery is the number one choice among most major mobility scooter, wheelchair and leading rehab equipment manufacturers and our only choice.

The 50 Ah battery is usually used in medium to large sized 8 mph scoooters and some powerchairs, if you are unsure give us a call to check which battery you require for your mobility product


  • Deep Cycle: Premium Sealed VRLA batteries capable of over 1000 cycles (50% DOD) as fully tested by independent laboratories.
  • 10% More Electrolyte: Longer life and minimal dry out over extended use.
  • Less Than 2% Per Month Self-Discharge: Little deterioration during transport and storage.
  • Completely maintenance-free.


12v 50 Ah

Diementions: L= 199mm W=166mm H=171mm


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